Meet our personalizing artist Marie


Marie is a local free-lance artist who joined our team in 2012 when we opened a Personalized Christmas Ornament store at the Marketplace Mall in Rochester NY. She has a Visual Media and Graphic Design degree from the Rochester Institute of Technology. Her talents go way beyond just personalizing ornaments, so we have much bigger plans for Marie starting in January 2015. She will be helping with all areas of creative design for both the web business and our Christmas Tree Farm located in Stafford NY. She will be contributing to this blog by posting creative projects in Santa's DIY Workshop. And she will be hosting Google Hangouts where you will be able to connect with her in real-time as she personalizes customer orders. We are so happy to have expanded opportunities for Marie to showcase her talents and cannot wait to see how our future unfolds. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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  • Charles Flynn
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