Attention Wedding Planners - Our ornaments make great closing gifts for your clients! 0


Let our Personalized Wedding Christmas Ornaments remind your clients every Christmas about what an awesome job you did for them! Stay "top of mind" and get more referrals. Our website has "persistent cart" feature enabled so you can create an account, add ornaments all year and your cart will never expire. Just hit send when you would like us to process your order and ship your ornaments. You could have the ornaments shipped to your office for free or have us ship them directly to your clients for a small shipping fee. If you choose to have the sent directly to your clients then we would have them gift wrapped. You are a busy working professional who probably has lots and lots to do, so why not let us take care of all the hassle with sending gifts to your best clients this Christmas! Email us if you have any questions.

Abby Wambach Thank You Ornament 0


Our Christmas tree is more than just a chronicle of our family, it's also a history of our local area. Whenever events occur, I often think " I have the perfect ornament for that!" So it should come as no surprise that since our business is so closely tied with Rochester NY, I grabbed one of our soccer ornaments and asked my artist to create the Abby Wambach Thank You ornament this week. She has been a great champion and a great ambassador for our area. Thank you Abby!

Thank you from Personalized By santa! 0

Are we solving one of the worlds big problems? No. Are we finding a cure for some dreadful disease? No. But that does not mean that we are NOT doing something really wonderful at Personalized By Santa. I think about this a lot. What makes our company so special? Especially during our off-season when the orders are not piling up everyday. At times, I've been guilty of forgetting what it is that makes our company tick. And then it happens... our season gets going and the calls start coming in. I start to have conversations again with our customers and it immediately becomes clear just how special and important both the products we sell and the personalization we provide are to our customers. Whether we are transforming our keepsake ornaments into something representing a baby's arrival, couple's first Christmas, family's new pet, a first-date, or a memorial for loved ones gone too soon, we always try to complete the work as if we were doing it for ourselves and putting it on our Christmas tree. That's our promise to you - to treat every ornament as if it were ours. I think that is the best we can do. I'm proud to say that I think we've achieved that goal and will continue to do so. Thank you again - and Merry Christmas!

Celebrate those special events with Ornaments! 0

We all remember that special day... when we first received our Learner's Permit. We could legally sit behind the wheel and direct the car from point a to point b, all with the help of and "experienced" driver. And then, with enough practice. we were ready. We made the appointment to take our road test and... voila! We passed became officially licensed drivers! Ok, so not all of us passed on the first try... but eventually we made it! And I'm sure that our parents remember it even more clearly than we do since that is probably the same day their blood pressure jumped by fifty percent... So of course we have the perfect ornaments to mark this special milestone -

Thinking ornaments? Think outside of the box... 0

I was thinking about how much I love taking my son to baseball games. We do not have a professional MLB team near our market, but we have two really good Triple-A franchises and even a very nice Single-A ball club. I was scrolling through my old photos and came across this one, OR1078. And that got me to thinking about the perfect ornament to go along with this special moment from when Owen got his first game-played baseball from a real ballpark. So we came up with this and we think it's perfect. 


Table Toppers make perfect personalized decorations! 0

Table Topper ornaments are adorable decorations that can be placed almost anywhere within the home. Our Stacked Snowman Table Topper makes a wonderful addition to your holiday decor especially if you have a snowman theme. The hats can be personalized with names or you might have a special message that you would like to show instead. It could be something like "Family Vacation Yellowstone 2015" with the family name across the banner or maybe "Love Will Conquer All" on the hats... The possibilities are almost endless. Most customers order with the names on the hats, but we can personalize them any way you like. We love when we get new requests for something we've never thought of before - kind of makes our day. So get creative and order one of our customized table topper decorations this holiday. You'll really love it.

  • Charles Flynn