Free Ornaments! Seems like a no-brainer if you ask me...

Allisyn Deyo-Martin

Posted on October 01 2015

We are giving away a free Glitter Dot Picture Frame ornament with all orders over $20 from now until November 1st. The ornament will come personalized "2015" and be ready for you to insert your own special picture and hang on your Christmas tree. The ornament comes with a picture of an adorable little infant, but it looks great with any image you wish to place under the protective plastic cover. This is the first time we've run a promotion like this and we cannot wait to give away all of these wonderful ornaments at no charge to our loyal customers.Don't miss out. This is sure to be a success that we will continue from year to year. Start your collection of Glitter Dot Ornaments and watch it grow each year along with your special memories. Merry Christmas!

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