Table Toppers make perfect personalized decorations!

Charles Flynn

Posted on October 07 2015

Table Topper ornaments are adorable decorations that can be placed almost anywhere within the home. Our Stacked Snowman Table Topper makes a wonderful addition to your holiday decor especially if you have a snowman theme. The hats can be personalized with names or you might have a special message that you would like to show instead. It could be something like "Family Vacation Yellowstone 2015" with the family name across the banner or maybe "Love Will Conquer All" on the hats... The possibilities are almost endless. Most customers order with the names on the hats, but we can personalize them any way you like. We love when we get new requests for something we've never thought of before - kind of makes our day. So get creative and order one of our customized table topper decorations this holiday. You'll really love it.

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