Ornaments for a cause!

Allisyn Deyo-Martin

Posted on December 05 2014


For over 3 years, we've been looking for a way to connect our website, products, customers, and overall brand to a charitable cause that we can support year after year. The incredible snowstorm that hammered Western New York mid-November provided us with the opportunity that we've been searching for. I had one of those "light bulb" moments when I saw a photo of my friends family in Lancaster, NY fighting the storm...and losing. I immediately thought of our Snow Shovel Family series and quickly personalized one for them. Then I thought, "hey, why not take a photo of this ornament and promote on Facebook?" Great idea, ok, done. As the post comments started to roll in, I noticed that some members of the community were not happy that I was selling a product and possibly profiting from such a horrific weather event. Many thoughts rushed through my head as I began to type responses to some members of the FB community. Some suggested that maybe we could donate the funds to charity. Whoa! Eureka! There it was looking me right in the face. It was the opportunity we had always been searching for. It was a perfect ornament/event/charitable cause combination. All I had to do was work out the fine print, chose an organization, promote it, ask for help sharing, and get my artist on board so that we could donate even more of the proceeds by keeping the personalizing costs down, which is a fancy way of saying that I asked here to do it for free. "Of course," was her answer and she couldn't wait to get things going. She didn't have to wait long. The community jumped all over this and the orders were rushing in. Order after order was a "Snovember Survivor" ornament. We sold hardly anything else for the first week. It was really fantastic.

When November 30th came and our fundraiser was officially ending, we were able to make a donation to the Food Bank of WNY for $1820.32 which made everyone really happy. I had set an original goal to raise $500 and we exceeded that by a huge margin. This experience was one of the best we've had so far with our business and we cannot wait to continue this event next year and beyond.  Thank you WNY and everyone who supported us!


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